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Dev Entry 2/3/14

Hi all,

Sorry for not posting last night as I normally do. As I explained in another post, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends the past few weeks and I promised Angel that I’d take the day off yesterday and stay away from the compy I actually got a good sleep, so I can’t complain….

First and foremost, I accomplished all of last month’s scheduled tasks AND did the extra work preparing for the upcoming engine integration. There’s still a lot to do in that regard, but it’s coming along well. As long as I can keep up with it AND the pre-defined schedule I won’t stress about it.

As you know, I’ve been taking the time and refining memory management and I’m very pleased with the results. I’ve also been doing another refinement pass on ship systems. This was planned for a few months from now, but this was some of the work I pulled forward that wasn’t graphics related. This past week I did a HUGE revision of the life support system and how it manages the atmosphere within the ship. It’s still true that I track each and every inhale and exhale from each passenger on every ship. On the ship the player is on, this is very defined. On other ships it’s a bit more generalized for speed, but still accurate.

As crew members breathe the composition of the air changes. Scrubbers remove “bad” elements (this would be CO2 and trace amounts of ammonia and… ahem… methane for a human species, for example) as long as they’re not overly saturated, and tanks replenish consumed elements. All of this keeps the air composition in balance. An atmosphere out of balance can have impacts for not only the crew, but the ship itself. Pressurization is now also taken into account, too. Rapid pressure changes will have an impact on the crew.

To go along with this, I’ve implemented a new Species file at the mod level. This will allow modders to define multiple species that each have their own physical needs. The importance of this will become apparent as things progress, and will be VERY important when the Maverick Module (sandbox mode) is released later on. Do your homework before landing at an alien station.

The station exterior texturing is about 3/4’s complete. As with the interior, I’m taking my time to get a good first pass on it. This may have to take us well into Alpha before it can get a second pass, so I want it to look presentable. I expect to have it finished in a few more days and will put up some images then. I’m also currently working on a revision to the Temperature Management System. I’m really doing some homework on this one and adding some very cool, detailed features to it.

Finally, this month I’m scheduled to implement the Flux Drive, and the basic mechanics for the navigation system. This will allow for destination selection–both locally and inter-planetary. We’ll start simply and keep things contained within one star system, make sure everything is working as expected, and then go from there.

I’ll also be doing some concept work on front-end UI (command and controller setup) AND on the enemy carrier and destroyer (using naval terms just for clarity). These are both part of the enemy battle group you’ll be facing. One of my tasks for January was to clearly define the enemy battle group–it’s composition and the roles of each ship class therein. Finally, I’ll be doing some design work for the main display and destination selection pages of the navigation system. I want a very clear visual idea of how they will work before trying to code them.

Lastly, as I feared, there won’t be a video for January. But, with the station getting finished up this week and the upcoming concept work I’ll hopefully have a few nice things to show you all.

Take it easy….

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