DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 1/19/14

It’s been a very busy yet productive week.

Although the new version of LeadWerks is not out yet, I’ve started implementing its command set into my wrapper outside of the compiler environment. Again, the bulk of the code work needs to be done here so this is the best place to start. The wrapper work is going as well as I can hope for, and assuming I’m understanding the API properly and it’s at least somewhat up to date then all should be well. I’m sure the actual integration will have a few unexpected bugs to sort out, but if I can get the bulk of the work done early that phase will go must faster.

I also realized that LW doesn’t have native joystick/gamepad support yet, so I’ve already incorporated SDL 2.0 for this. An unexpected bonus from this is that now Rogue System can support any number of controllers, where as it could only use up to three before. For people with joysticks, throttle quadrants, pedals, and other multi-function controllers, they will be able to assign commands to all of them.

I do have the feeling there might not be a milestone review video this month. If the new version of LW isn’t released until the end of the month or soon after, then I’ll have no time to get it hooked up. So, I apologize now if I have to skip the next vid…

In other news, I’m making progress on the station exterior. I’ll start unwrapping and texturing it tomorrow. Finishing up that work will take the remainder of this month, no doubt.

Yesterday and today I switched gears and did a design pass on the Navigation System, the intra-system Flux Drive, and the Inertial Stabilization Sub-System (IS3). As with all the other systems, these are based not only on extrapolated versions of current tech but also on the theorized tech of the future. Nothing is completely unreasonable and remains within the realm of theoretical possibility. I’m actually quite happy with all of these.

For example, the IS3 is not one system, but several sub-systems all working together to dampen and redirect the effects of inertia. Inertia can not be completely nullified (at least in RogSys); but if all the sub-systems are working properly they create an environment that allows the crew to continue to function under full acceleration rather than being turned to jelly.

The Flux Drive is appropriately named despite the obvious reference to Back to the Future’s Flux Capacitor (which, by the way, was ALSO appropriately named). I may change it before release, but for now this is what I’m calling it It can’t function without the help of the VASIMR-like main engine and it’s not recommended for combat maneuvering. Meanwhile, the main engine isn’t practical for timely trips from one planet to another. So, you’ll use both of these engine types in tandem as situations dictate.

The Navigation Computer handles everything from short trips from one moon to another, to longer flights between planets. It also calculates trajectories to allow for orbital insertion. Later on, when the Maverick Module is added, you’ll also use it to make jumps from one system to another. Coding it is going to be a chore, but the results should be worth the effort.

I’ll go into more detail on these systems later. I don’t want to give away too much right now…

And, that’s about it for now. I’m kind of all over the place at the moment but I’m keeping track of everything by staying as organized as possible. This next month or so is going to be crazy. Once LW is in place though and working properly things will stabilize again.

So, until next time, take it easy

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