DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 2/17/14

I hope everyone had a good week

I’ll start off this week’s update with a UI concept piece:


This is a 1st pass mock-up for the front-end Control UI. It’s by no means a final design. While there’s nothing fancy going on here in this first pass (a camera orbiting whatever ship the player is on for the BG and a typical button and scroll interface) it’s important to get this implementation coded ASAP. We can do without the Option, Display and Main pages if need be for the initial release, but if you can’t set up your controls then it’s going to make the first Alpha MUCH more difficult to get in to.

The rough concept for the navigation map is well under way, but it’s not quite ready for viewing yet. The initial implementation will be a pretty standard affair. The main goal is to be able to select an intra-stellar destination so you can travel there, so it won’t need much to begin with. I should have something for you all to see later in the week.

Finally, I also worked up a geometric rough for the enemy carrier. I’ll use this to paint the final concept piece, which you’ll see next week. The two goals at this stage is for the design to be functional while retaining an interesting silhouette. I think both of these were met, so I feel comfortable with spending the time to work up the concept.

Otherwise, there’s not much else for this update. Sorry it’s a short one this week–it’s typical when the schedule consists of a lot of art-related tasks. I never mind people making comments or critiques of work, good or bad. All I ask is to keep it constructive, and to keep in mind that rarely do first pass designs ever make it to final art. We still have a long way to go ;)

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