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Dev Entry 1/6/14

AND… we’re back

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Ours was rather relaxing–I’m all charged up and ready for the coming year….

It’s a bit late, so I’ll keep this on the short side. December’s workload was completed and I’ll be recording the milestone review video in the next day or so. Main engines are now functional again, as are thrusters. The station interior is just about finished–needs some tweaks and a first lighting pass is all that’s left (which I’m working on this week).

For January, I’ll be working on other core ship systems (landing skids, magnetic clamps, service doors–that sort of thing). There’s also some physics work to be done, as well as getting the task manager re-integrated. As for art, the big items are to continue work on the station interior as well as getting a good first pass done on the exterior. Actually, the art will take up the bulk of my time. I’ll feel a lot better once the station is done though–it’s a huge item and having the initial work finished will free up a lot of time.

There is a bit of a hiccup that I’ve run into that I’m keeping a close eye on. I’ve become a bit concerned about the development of the engine I’ve been using. Up until now the developer has had great communication with his community, but recently (since about the beginning of Dec actually) there’s been no word at all via the forums or otherwise. This lack of communication is what prompted me to begin writing the 3D wrapper that I mentioned a few weeks ago. While I hoped it was a temporary lull it’s looking more and more like this may not be the case.

If things continue as they are I’ll be forced to change engines. It’s not something I want to do, but I will if I have to–an engine with no support or chance to be updated won’t help RogSys in the long run. So, I’ve taken time over the past several days and have been looking at different options. I now have a short list of engines that would fit the bill. It’s nothing I’m worried about by any means–these things happen. It might put me off schedule by a few weeks, but that can be managed.

It’s now 1:30 am, so I’m off to bed. Once I record the vid and Michael does a sound pass on it I’ll post it for you all. I’ll also throw up a shot or two of the station interior once I get the initial lighting pass finished up. Until then, take care…

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