DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 12/16/13

Hi everyone.

Well, first, this is going to be an info-only update. I’m in the middle of a task right now that needs some debugging before the sim will run again. Once I have it running, I’ll grab a shot or two of some of the latest stuff. Also, I’m feeling better today, thankfully. I finished up the last task for this past week early yesterday and just went to bed after that.

I still felt a little “blah” this morning; but, I made myself get up and run anyway. The first mile was hard (being 33F didn’t help either) but after that I started feeling better. By the time I got home and cleaned up I felt okay to start working. So far, so good….

Anyway, last week was mainly about fleshing out the model for the station interior, which I have to unwrap this week so I can get some basic texturing on it next. Obviously, it will take more than one week to get it looking really good; but, at least I can get some placeholder maps on and get it ingame. It SHOULD be an impressive space when it’s all done and properly lighted, etc.

Also, all the control panels are now in place on the left side of the pilot’s seat. As I said before, now that these are all hooked up it’s very easy to see what works well and what’s a bit awkward. The interceptor will be designed taking these things into consideration. The really cool thing though is that later I can update the cockpit module without having to re-do the entire strike fighter; or, I could just build a new cockpit module for it completely. In fact, various mission types will require the use of different cockpits, so I’ll need to build at LEAST a second one anyway.

Modular is GOOD

Part of this control implementation was the control panel for the seat itself. You can now put the seat into all its various flight modes (this will make more sense when I demo it in the next vid). The only thing I can’t hook up yet is Anti G-Loc. That will have to wait until I’m back to flying so it can be tested properly. There are several features, all part of the Life Support System (LSS), that help extend the pilot’s/crew’s ability to handle very high forces. Some of these are extended versions of now-and-near-future tech, while others are a bit more Sci-Fi (but are theoretically possible). None of them will completely nullify the effects of acceleration forces, and chances are you’ll have to use them in tandem for best results.

As with everything else, each of them can be degraded or destroyed…

I also spent time with further refinements to the Temperature Management System (TMS), the Fuel Cell System (FCS), and still more tweaks to the Electrical Control System (ECS). I’m particularly proud of how the fuel cells work. Batteries, fuel cells, and other “low power” producing systems are for the basic functions of the ship. The generators on the main engines handle all the big stuff–weapons, shields, etc.

Today, I began work on the refinements for the Main Engine System (MES) and Maneuvering Thruster System (MTS). The main engines are primarily an electromagnetically shielded, plasma thrust engine–extrapolated VASIMRs, if you will. There will be various types that use different fuels and have different capabilities. Other, wholly different, engine types are also planned; but, we’ll start with these…

Finally, today I also started integrating a “wrapper” for the underlying engine RogSys uses. While I’m very happy with the performance of Nuclear Fusion thus far you never know what the future could hold. At some point, for any number of reasons, I may be forced/required/compelled to change engines. Having everything run through a wrapper, while a TINY bit slower, will allow a change to occur without a HUGE overhaul. All I’d need to do is update the wrapper’s commands that I use throughout RogSys (generally speaking). That is FAR better than altering thousands of calls within the game code itself. While it will take some time to fully implement–I’m doing it bit by bit–it’s well worth it.

I guess I just like to plan ahead

And, that’s about it for now. Lots of reading this time with nothing to look at. Again, I’ll try to rectify that in a day or so. Until then, take it easy…

Edit: I ALSO just found out the new work station is in production and I SHOULD have it before Christmas. Turned out to be a pretty good day

Edit x2: Sorry I didn’t mention this above: we had a good few new members join up over the past week or so. I just wanted to take a moment to say, “welcome”. Your comments and questions are always welcome….

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