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Dev Entry 12/8/13

Hi all I guess we should start with the news you might have been waiting for–the new video is ready:

There are some notes in the description basically saying that there are missing elements to the main ship interior, the cockpit is dark because there’s no lighting in there yet, the old hangar is too small for the new ship, and I don’t yet have smooth camera transitions when you sit down at a station (in this case the pilot’s seat).

Michael, for only what amounted to about a day’s work, did a great job on not only the music and sound FX test, but the voice overs as well, I think. If he can do this in that short amount of time I am VERY excited about what the future holds for RogSys’ audio environment

In the video, you can see I only had a couple of the instrument panels in place. The entire left console now has all the panels in and working. Since you got a video this week I’ll save a shot of that for next Likewise this week, I got the a small variant of the Reactant Core textured up (not ingame yet) and I’m working on a small Main Engine variant right now. Remember that almost all of the components that make up a ship can be mixed and matched (as long as the ship supports the components “mount size”) and you’ll see visual representations for almost all of these. The idea is to be able to look at a ship and, if you know your stuff, be able to get a good idea of its capabilities.

This coming week I’ll be working on getting the flight control system up and running again, including the moving, visual representations of the controls as you move them. Mentioning controls, I ordered a new rig this week along with some new controller types, including the Hydra controller. I’ve had some requests to support this, and it may actually work really well with the Oculus. I also made sure this new rig has a proper triple-display setup so that I can support (and TEST) 3 screens.

Let’s see, anything else? Oh, the power system got another refinement while I was implementing instruments. I’m very excited about the control you have over the distribution of power now. I also found that some of the control types I’ve implemented work better than others depending on the situation–of course, I couldn’t have known this until they were functional. So, as expected, the controls will need a refinement pass for the FireArc. The good news is I can take these learned lessons into the design for the interceptor and other ships in the future.

So, that’s about all for now. I hope you enjoy the video. These really are just meant to be short and to-the-point to show the visual elements of what was achieved the previous milestone. I have no problem sharing these as long as you keep in mind everything you see is WIP–there are bound to be glitches here and there, and no doubt refinements in the future. Also, understand that there may be things I can’t/won’t show because I want to keep them under wraps. In this case, everything was mainly refinements of prototype tech that was already demonstrated.

Take it easy…

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