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Dev Entry 12/1/13

Pfft–what an end to the week :S

I ended up having to do a big rewrite on the camera management system, which I kind of expected; but it turned into more of a PITA than I’d hoped. The prototype could only manage a couple stations where the player could sit down at. After looking at the design for the fighter interior, and all of those potential passenger seats in the back I KNEW what I had wasn’t going to work. So, I decided the best time to do the change was now. That work took an entire day plus debug time–not bad considering. The good news is that now, in theory, ships can have an unlimited number of stations for people to sit down at. These could be in front of terminals, around a table, pilot/copilot, etc–whatever you want them to be really.

So, once this was done I could get the player back into the pilot’s seat and begin getting the cockpit controls going in and getting them hooked up. This will take a couple more days but it’s not a problem. I’m taking my time with it because I’m adding a few different types of motions for controls so that later modders can be as creative as possible without my having to add new functionality right away. That’s why I designed in so many different control types in this pre-alpha strike fighter…

All in all, while I had to do a bit of hair pulling here and there during the rewrite, some good progress was made. I did say I was going to put up a video if all went well, and I was going to. However, I was talking to Michael (the sound designer for RogSys) about what the video would show and he asked if he could put an audio track to it. He has some audio cue ideas that he wants to test out and a short to-the-point video is a good format for him to work with. SO, I’ll pass that off to him tomorrow and when I get it back I’ll be happy to put it up for you all to check out…

With that, the first month of development for RogSys comes to a close. I’m really pleased–everything that was scheduled got done along with a LOT that wasn’t. I can’t ask for much better honestly. The main goals coming up for December are getting more ship systems hooked up and getting the new station interior fleshed out and hopefully implemented before 2014 gets here.

Until next time, take it easy. I’ll be sure to give a shout when that vid gets posted….

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