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Dev Entry 11/24/13

Well, it’s only 11PM, so I’m technically NOT late with this week’s post

Lot’s of good stuff accomplished this week, some of it I won’t talk about right now because it could give away some cool gameplay elements that I don’t want to spill just yet. I did get the Core Systems Manager revised and reintegrated though. This system controls basic ship functions such as lighting, gangways, landing skids, etc. It also is what the SOI is directly plugged into. If you don’t recall, SOI stands for Ship’s Onboard Intelligence. This is the pilot’s best friend during flight. Not only does it keep track of the ship’s systems and warns you of trouble, it can also help you control the ship, navigate and target. Most systems have OFF, ON, and SOI AUTO settings so you can decide what you want to manage and what you’d like to pass off to the computer.

I also had time to work on the lighting a bit, as well as spend some time with post shader effects. Nothing is quite “finished” yet, so I think I’ll hold off on a shot until the next update. But, I am happy to say that things aren’t as dark as they were. There wasn’t anything wrong really, I just needed to tweak my star color/intensity values. More work needs to be done, but this is an improvement.

Lastly, the player can now use elevators properly. To use an elevator you need to be standing on it when the controls are activated–simple really. But, thinking of AI and other human players, anyone standing on the elevator when it’s activated will also use it. Again, this isn’t mind-blowing stuff, just properly implemented low-level functionality. The reason I did this now is because this new ship’s gangway happens to be an elevator-like system.

So, with all of this week’s work done we can now walk up to the ship, use the gangway to enter it, and walk around in the interior. Next up is entering the cockpit area, getting into the seat, and starting up the preliminary power systems and the Temperature Management System. If all of this gets done this week then the first month’s milestone has been successfully completed. Next month will be more new systems integration and getting the new station interior built–looking forward to that really

If things go REALLY well this week then I may have a new video to put up this coming weekend showing what’s been done thus far. If not, then I’ll at least get you a few good shots. Otherwise, that’s about it for now. We here in the U.S have Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday; so if you celebrate I hope you have a safe and happy holiday. For everyone else, have a great week anyway ;)

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