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Dev Entry 11/17/13

Wow–what a week…

Monday I had to rush the Great Dane/Brittany to the Vet’s office due to a sudden, severe case of Colitis. There was blood everywhere–wasn’t pretty. The Vet has got him on both anti and pro-biotics and he’s improved a great deal. We’re really not sure what set it off. He’s always had a sensitive stomach, but this was crazy. Anyway, he’s doing much better…

Then, on Weds., my younger daughter came down with some kind of flu that shot her temp. up to 102F. That came and went up until Friday morning, when she finally kicked what-ever-it-was. I’m glad she’s feeling better, obviously, but I’m pretty certain I’ll be next in line for it. Oh well–just have to take it as it comes…

So, all in all, it was a hectic week. However, all that aside, I STILL managed to get the scheduled work done, and more. Here’s a shot (at a bit higher-res), and then I’ll explain what you’re looking at…


First, the usual disclaimer–old crappy prototype lighting, and I had AA turned off (which is more obvious in the larger image)….

As you can see, the cockpit module is now attached to the fuselage. This may not look like a big deal, but there’s a LOT going on under the hood to make this happen. I mean, sure, I could simply attach the cockpit art to the body and be done with it, but that’s not quite right for what RogSys needs to do now and in the future. So, the docking management system has been expanded to handle both internal docking bays as well as external docking collars (what the cockpit is using). The prototype could do this, but only one level deep. It’s now possible to have one ship docked within another, within another, within another, etc. Each of those can also have ships docked externally to them, too. Finally, interiors can now be turned on and off as you move from one ship to the next in this chain.

So, imagine your ship is docked in a larger ship, and that is docked within a huge station (or hooked up to an external collar). You can freely move about in all three interiors.

This is fairly important in the Core Module, but will become a CRITICAL feature later on when you can own multiple ships, some larger and others small. You’ll be able to purchase small freighters or fighters and dock them in your own capital ship and then move the entire “fleet” from system to system. But, why bother if it’s not a major feature right now? Again, it’s my approach with everything towards RogSys–do it right the first time. Think how much easier it will be to support expanded gameplay later if the basic system already supports it NOW.

So, to do all of this I really had to gut the ship interior/exterior pre-load and load routines and rebuild them to support it all; and, all of that had to be tied into the ship visibility management system. It was a lot of low-level work that, honestly, I had planned on as the prototype code comes out and is replaced with “final” code. There’s going to be a lot of that going on these first couple of months actually. Happily, in many cases the code already does what was intended, just on a limited scale.

Finally, I DID get the cockpit hard switches and displays (for the systems that I’ve already refined) unwrapped and textured, as well as refined the shaders that control their functionality. You’ll begin to see some of these next week as I start to get them integrated. And, I KNOW I’m going to have people say, “space ships of the future wouldn’t have blah, blah, blah….” Let me tell you, you’ll be glad those hard switches are there for backup when your main EFD is knocked out and you can no longer control the ship via it. I think you’ll appreciate not being dead in space for no reason other than a bad display

Now, that you’ll like my art style or not is certainly debatable. I mean, I can’t please everyone, right? But, that’s why I made RogSys fully community mod-able….

Besides, this is still science fiction after all (I’m just not making it “science ignorant”), and in my little universe I’m allowed to have a mix of both modern and future tech. Who’s to say I can’t

So, with that, I’m going to tidy up the day’s work, perform a backup, and then watch a couple movies with the family tonight Take it easy….

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