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Dev Entry 11/10/13

Well, that wasn’t such a bad first week. The workload I had planned out was completed, and then some. One week may not seem like a big deal, but you can imagine it wouldn’t bode well if I started slipping already As it is, we’re right on schedule. So, what got done?

Well, the major task was to get the cockpit module mapped, inside and out, and ready to be put in the game. I showed you an image of the interior with simple diffuse mapping earlier this week. You’ll see the exterior later on after I have it in. The other big task was to get the strike fighter fuselage in game. Here’s a small shot:


First, I apologize for the lighting. This is still the simple, dark, lighting method from the prototype. I’ll be taking a good long look at a better lighting solution soon. What you can see here is the fully textured model with proper shaders applied. I completely re-worked these shaders this week to make them more efficient from what I was using in the prototype. They could stand a bit more work, but they’re much better. The other thing you can easily see is that this properly scaled ship is too large for the old prototype station interior Getting the new, basic station created is one of the things on my list for next month.

I also did some work that now allows individual pieces of a ship to have their own collision, which will become important later on. Also, the player’s character now interacts with ship exteriors properly. In fact, it’s possible to walk around ON the ship. Again, none of this is ground-breaking stuff by any means, but it’s more of getting good foundations in place right now for other additions later on….

Something that ate into my time a bit this week (my goal is to get ahead of schedule early on) obviously was the big announcement on Tues evening, and all the PR stuff I had to do on Wednesday because of it. Not saying that it was trivial or unimportant–it’s very important to answer questions, emails and such. There was actually a VERY nice response to the press release. People haven’t forgotten about RogSys and were very happy to hear it was a “go”. Thanks to everyone for all the great comments and such. I really appreciated them–very motivating.

Otherwise, that’s it for now. The main goal for the week coming up is to get all the cockpit instrumentation and switches textured so they can go in next week. I also need to get the fuselage interior in as well as the cockpit module. With that, I hope everyone has a good week…

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