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Dev Entry 11/6/13

Hi all,

Well, it’s “official” now, as you may have seen. Rogue System now has a dedicated publisher, and I now have the time and resources to do this thing properly It’s a crazy, exciting time. I’m also pretty anxious–the pressure is on to really make Rogue System not only because I WANT to make it, but because I’m obligated to. But this is a good thing–I work best under pressure

So, the last few months have just been insane. Back around June, ISI (whom I worked for as Lead Environment Artist) approached me with the idea of publishing RogSys, but they weren’t ready to commit then. Had they been, I would have pulled the “minecraft” funding method idea then because it wasn’t the way I REALLY wanted to go. The trouble with that sort of thing is that people can get very invested, but not enough people. Many people don’t like the “crowd funding” approach (especially when you don’t have a past history to back you up). So, there is never a guarantee that enough funding will be available to finish the thing–it’s risky for everyone.

By the way, I know some of you have been waiting for the early pre-alpha release. As part of the new arrangement this probably won’t happen. I do apologize. I don’t like to disappoint, but in this case I had to look at the big picture and secure the long term funding for RogSys. My hope is that the Alpha will be strong enough to make the upcoming months worth the wait. I’ll certainly do my best, too, to release as much media as possible to help pass the time. I may also have a couple ideas to say “thank you” to those few people who have been active on the forums up until now. I DO appreciate all the support you’ve shown me….

Anyway, as time went on things became more clear and it started to look like this would happen. However, I had to do a LOT of work for ISI to move into a position that I could comfortably leave their art team–get ahead on upcoming work, train someone to take over for me, find a replacement artist, etc. It really has chewed into most of my time for the past several months, which is why RogSys development slowed WAY down. Finally though, everything panned out and we committed ourselves to it. That was about two months ago.

In the past month, I’ve been getting ready to make the transition. Obviously, I had a lot of art assets to package up and transfer to them so others could have access. There were documents to be written. Plus, there’s been business matters to take care of, etc., etc., etc. Again, it’s been a busy time.

So, this is the reason why RogSys development has slowed to a crawl recently. I changed gears and worked on a lot of art in the evening because these are easy tasks to pick up and put down as needed. You can understand that I was kind of stuck–I couldn’t really talk about any of this as things were being sorted out. I want to apologize, by the way, for the lack of communication and progress. I hope you understand it was necessary….

Last week, I spent most of my time just getting organized–making more defined schedules, consolidating documentation, reorganizing hard drives. I really wanted to go into development with a clean slate. Over the weekend, and early this week I worked on texturing the interior of the cockpit module, which you can see here:


Again, this is straight diffuse mapping right out of the modeling software. I’ll finish up the interior this morning and get the exterior textured up by tomorrow. On Friday I’ll get the strike fighter fuselage into the sim. Next week I work on getting the hard mounted cockpit controls textured and ready to go in.

And, with that, it’s back to work. I have a busy day ahead

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