DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 9/29/13

What a week…

I was down 3 days with one hell of a flu. I still don’t feel 100%, but at least I’m functional again. :| I did manage to get the exterior texture detailed like I wanted at least. Here’s a look…


This is basic diffuse texturing–there’s no normal or displacement maps, specular maps, etc. Those are pretty straight-forward though compared to getting a good UV mapping set up along with a nice diffuse map. As for the ship, this is the main hull with no cockpit module attached, nor is there an engine mounted. You can see the vacant left main weapon mount and upper attachment point (again for things like secondary weapon hardpoints, escape pods, etc). Finally, the radiators are fully extended.

You can also see the worn, brown armor plating. The armored doors in the aft section protect the Reactant Core module inside. Remember that this ship was derived from a typical shuttle craft–it was never designed for combat…

Getting this implemented won’t be a big issue in and of itself. Creating the data file is a bit of a PITA at the moment since I don’t have an editor to do it for me yet. Otherwise, the only time-consuming issue will be with the continuing rework to allow fully seamless transitions from one interior to another. But, I’m still shooting for the end of October to have this done assuming no delays.

So, now I’m off to finish up the interior mapping. Take it easy… :)

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