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Dev Entry 8/14/13

AND… I’m back :)

What a great vacation–just what I needed to get me recharged for the coming months! While I was gone I managed to get some proper scheduling work done not only for the remainder of work for the first pre-Alpha release, but for the major art and programming tasks through to the end of Alpha. I basically now have the entire “bare minimum” version of Rogue System tasked. There’s a lot to do, but it is certainly achievable, as I’ve said before :)

Other than that, I really took it easy and spent some time with Angel and the girls. Here’s a few shots to give you an idea of what we were doing.


One of the first hikes we took was a short one out to Bible Point. To avoid altitude sickness you want to gradually increase your hiking elevation day by day. This is Angel and me on the trail.


And this shot is from Bible Point looking back towards Eagle Cliff, which we hiked later in the week. In the valley you can see part of the YMCA, where we stayed.


Our next hike out was to Sprague Lake. It’s halfway between the “Y” and a 14K mountain called Longs Peak. Sadly, we never had a chance to make the Longs Peak hike–will have to do that next year. Then, my oldest daughter and I tried to hike out to Steep Mountain, but the weather didn’t hold, so we had to turn back early.


Finally, the day before we left we climbed Eagle Cliff. It’s one of the taller mountains in the immediate area, and kind of a tradition that we climb it each time we go. This shot is from the “Y” looking up to the summit. It doesn’t look that far or that tall from here, but…


…once you’re up there you realize just how deceiving it looks from below. This is looking back to the “Y” from the summit. The tallest peak WAY off in the distance is Longs Peak, by the way. On the climb up we spotted a herd of deer coming down from the summit, grazing while they went. They stopped within 15 feet of us for about 10 minutes to eat, and then continued on. Being in the national park they’re pretty fearless when it comes to humans. Sadly, the elk had already moved on so we didn’t see any this trip. The moose were even more scarce…

There’s plenty of other things to do there, too. We played lots of miniature golf, spent some time on the 800ft-long zip-line, the girls did some archery, etc; and, we took a day and bused into Estes Park for some sightseeing and shopping. All in all, it was another great vacation there! I guess the only negative might have been the weather. Since it was later in the summer we had storms roll in every afternoon, but they only lasted about an hour or so.

So, today is unpacking and recovering from the drive home, and then it’s back to work in the AM. I’m primed and ready to go. I’ll start by working on the fighter exterior and interior–get that in game so I can finish system integration, and then go from there. I’m REALLY excited to get the last of this work done and get the first release ready.

As always, as soon as I have something to show, I will. Until then, take it easy…

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