DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 8/3/13

Ah, vacation time at last :) I’ll be gone for two weeks to Estes Park, CO–fresh mountain air, hiking, climbing, etc. I wanted to be sure to make a quick post before I vanished so you didn’t think I bailed on you all ;)

I REALLY wanted to have the FireArc interior concept finished, but I lost a couple nights this past week, so it’s only about 50%. Again, I don’t do this often, but here’s a low-res WIP version:


Again, I’m not “advertising” this on the main page or anything. This is just for you folks who drop by the forums to keep tabs on my progress. As you can see, the key elements are there–seating, basic restraints (which I’ll have to further flesh out in 3D now the I have a general design), storage, etc. What you’re looking at is the passenger compartment, forward down the “neck” towards the cockpit. The hatch is open and you can see someone coming up the ramp.

In the center of the compartment is a ladder, which leads to the upper and lower attachment points (the access doors are closed). As I mentioned last post, the attachments can be anything from solar panels to manned turrets to secondary weapon racks, and with no attachment mounted they can be used for exterior docking.

In the “neck” you’ll eventually find the computers and controllers for various systems. Behind the camera, where the flight attendant area once was, is a small compartment that now provides access to reactant core and engine systems. And that’s all I’ll say about that for now…

Again, keep in mind that the FireArc is a re-purposed shuttle with space for up to 28 seated passengers. It wouldn’t make a bad troop transport in a pinch. But, it certainly isn’t military in its styling.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. While I’m gone I’m going to be doing some scheduling work and writing in the evening before bed (a good time to get this sort of thing done). When I get back I’ll finish up this image and then start creating the ingame assets. I appreciate everyone’s patience while I work towards this first test release–we are getting closer.

See you all in two weeks :)

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