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Dev Journal – 7/17/13

Hi everyone,

Well, while not 100% finished, I’ve spent as much time as I can on the concept for the hangar interior of the Orbital Station. Really, all that is missing are fine details–vents, small close-up paint and markings, etc. So, that said, here’s what I have for the pre-alpha version:


The first thing you might notice is that I placed some people here and there to give a sense of scale, and there’s a smaller freighter in the background. Hopefully this will give you a feel for the size of the space. The next thing that will catch your attention is probably the blue force field. This is a “Plasma Window” (you can get some more info on plasma windows on wikipedia). The purpose of the plasma window is to reduce atmosphere loss when the exterior door is open. So, basically you’ll “taxi” from your docking slip to the holding area, the plasma window engages behind you and the outer door opens. After you leave the exterior door closes behind you as quickly as possible.

The large door with the “3” on it leads to Hangar 3. Remember, the Orbital Station has four internal hangars. Each one is independent of the others; but, in an emergency ships could be moved to another hangar without having to exit the station.

On the left side are slips for medium-sized vessels–freighters and such. To give you a sense of scale, each one of those slots can hold a B-2 bomber with a good amount of room to spare. On the right are slips for small ships–patrol ships, fighters, shuttles, etc. The lower inverted A-Frame section are apartments. When trader-style play is added later with the Maverick Module the idea is that you’ll be able to rent an apartment at one or more stations (if you can afford it). You’ll be able to decorate it with purchased items–that’s the goal anyway. The top-most section is an observation deck.

Once again, I made a conscious decision to minimize excessive pipes, conduits and other junk. I really prefer the cleaner lines. And, as always, if people want to add ships with that sort of detail later they always can. I will never be able to please everyone, but I can certainly give them the ability to “please themselves”, as it were.

Again, this isn’t a completely finished piece, but I HAVE to move on. This is more than good enough to get us started and so yet another item checked off the to-do list. Next up is the concept art for the fighter and then its interior. I hope to have both of these pieces done in the next couple of weeks. Then we’re on to asset creation.

As always, comments and questions are welcomed.

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