DCIRogue System
Dev Journal – 7/8/13

Well, I’ve spent as much time as I could allow myself on this piece (and I lost two or three days last week for various reasons). That said, I’m very happy with it. There’s a few details I need to fill in when I produce the final game asset, but that’s a non-issue. Anyway, here’s the final pre-alpha concept for the Orbital Station…


One thing you might notice right away is the lack of excessive pipes, conduits, or other machinery. This was actually a conscious design decision. I began adding details like this and I started thinking, “these don’t make a whole lot of sense.” Really, if I were going to design a ship to fly through deep space as well as stay parked in orbit for an indefinite amount of time, AND there was the possibility of attack as well, WHY would I put critical elements on the exterior of the hull? I wouldn’t. I’d pack everything possible within the hull and away from danger.

While not looking as visually busy as what you might be accustomed to, this makes MUCH more sense functionally. It also comes with a few benefits, too. One, it’s less to model and texture. Two, geometrically it saves a ton of polygons, which is always good at render time. Three, it makes for more efficient collision. Plus, in all honesty, I like the cleaner look…

You can see that, for the aft Cargo Hauler section, I added a rotating crew compartment. If you read a response I made in the last post I talked about how internal gravity might be dealt with. I had the thought that I could do something like an artificial gravity generated under each floor of the largest ships (such as the station), and for mid to large ships I could do a more “realistic” rotation-based “gravity”. Small ships such as fighters would be zero-G. I like the idea of representing different types, and the sim supports both types, so I decided to play with that idea here…

The red and green lighting around the hangar openings–basically: “Any red, you’re dead. All green, you’re clean”. Just another quick visual reference for when you’re trying to dock on the dark side of the station. The smaller white lights (not the RCS thrusters on the cargo hauler and bridge section) actually are a part of a critical internal function. If that lighting goes out, your ship (or your target) is hurting :)

So, another item checked off the pre-alpha to-do list. And, since I’m on a roll, I’m going to start on the final interior hangar design and get that knocked out. Then I’ll do the final fighter external and internal concept. After that we’re down to asset creation and a bit more code.

Anyway, hope everyone had a good weekend, and has a great week. I’ll be sure to update soon!

Edit: The thumbnail on the main page links to a 1920×1080 version of this if anyone is interested…

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