DCIRogue System
Dev Journal – 6/12/13

First, sorry for the lack of updates the past few days. It’s been a busy week at work, and then some. Between that, the girls finishing school for the year, and helping Angel pack up her classroom (she teaches middle school math) for the summer, I had very little time for coding. Plus, I did some volunteer work up at Angel’s school–they wanted their logo painted on one of the entryway walls, so I offered to do that.

However, I DID manage to get a LOT of concept work done at night before bed. I’ve got the rest of the fighter interior fleshed out, as well as the station exterior AND the hangar interior. All these are critical elements for the first release pre-alpha. They’re still in sketch form–I need to get them scanned in, refine them a bit, and then start doing some color and surface studies.

I also got a bit more modeling done on some of the pilot’s seat and controls. So, I should be able to get that textured and implemented fairly soon.

So, I’ll probably take the rest of the week, now that things have settled down, and continue with art work (since it needs to be done ANYWAY). Then I’ll get back to coding next week and start to get some of that new interior into the sim.

We’re still looking good for a late August/Early Sept release for the first pre-alpha release. If anything holds that up, it will probably be down to front-end UI so you can set up controls. I’ve got some early design work done already, and I’ve been sort of fleshing that out further in my head the past few evenings; so I should be able to get it knocked out pretty fast. Besides, it’ll be a very placeholder implementation anyway–it really just has to FUNCTION for now…

Otherwise, that’s about all I’ve got for now. I just wanted to be sure to get a post up so you all knew I was still here and working. More soon…

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