DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 5/20/13

Hi all,

Well, the beginning of the week was a bit slow, but from the middle on things picked up and I got some good work accomplished. I continued to add functionality to both the ECS and TMS, and I’ve got the Reactant Core coded and working, as well as another power source. The batteries are back up, and the engine’s reactor basically feeds the shields, weapons and engine itself. This other power source is the primary supply for the rest of the ship’s systems.

So, the Reactant Core is basically what it sounds like. It provides various systems with the different reactants required for their function. For example, an engine might require hydrogen as a propellant, so part of the Core would be filled with that.

I’m intentionally simplifying my explanation. There are some REALLY cool things that can be done with the Core’s distribution system. In fact, I’d say there are at LEAST as many distribution options for various reactants as there are for power. There’s also some manual modes to increase your survive-ability in an emergency. Finally, you have some options to prevent catastrophic Core failures.

I’ve also started work on the Life support system which manages air quality, cabin temperature, etc. It’s also responsible for a third element that I won’t discuss just yet. It’s a very interesting solution to a common “problem” that always comes up when the feasibility of combat in space is discussed.

Still no sign of my Oculus Rift dev kit yet. The guys at ISI got their’s this past week, so I’m hopeful I’ll get mine soon so I can start working to implement it. As soon as that happens I’ll put up a short vid showing it in action…

Finally, I got a nice sample today from Michael Manning–just a medley of sound bits and musical elements so he could try and convey his current development direction. Musically, what he’s come up with is an interesting blend of technical and traditional elements. It’s very unique for the genre, but it fits REALLY well. It’s certainly VERY different to what was used in the Kickstarter trailer.

He’s offered to come here and post from time to time so he can talk about his process, musical goals, etc. And, once he has a more representative piece put together I’ll post it at the website so you all can have a listen.

So, what’s next? I still have a couple days to go to finish up the systems I’ve already started coding. From there we’ll still need the main engines, thrusters, flight computer and basic ship functions, so those are next on the list.

Until next time, take it easy :)

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