DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 5/9/13

Wow! Almost another week gone by already :)

So, I have the ECS (Electrical Control System) and TMS (Temperature Management System) both fully designed, and partially coded. Here’s a general overview:

The ECS includes batteries and generators, as well as a few other components that I’ll leave out for now. It is a multi-bus system providing up to a max amperage at various voltages (depends on the installed components). Amperage requests above the max can damage the system in multiple ways, pop breakers, etc. As a side note, later, when you can own and maintain your own ships, you’ll be able to modify the electrical system with different components to enhance the baseline functionality. This already works as I currently create ships by plugging in different equipment…

The TMS monitors the temperature of the crew compartment, equipment and coolant. In situations where temperature is too low heat is retained and distributed as needed via warmed coolant. Excessive heat is removed by way of the HRS (Heat Rejection System). The HRS has four methods of heat rejection:

**CS – Active primary (don’t want to spoil this one yet, hence the “**” ).
EMRS – Active backup using typical EMR radiators.
PHRS – This is a passive sub-system made up of heat pipes which constantly transfer heat from one location to another.
FC/CBP – This emergency heat rejection sub-system also has a secondary function during combat situations.

The backup and passive sub-systems make use of Black-body radiation. Thermal radiation, unlike convection and conduction, can occur in a vacuum without the presence of matter in the form of electromagnetic radiation. This type of heat control in spacecraft is nothing new of course…

I’ve spent a LOT of time on the algorithms which determine how much heat energy is transferred between mediums, how much energy is “expelled” into space given the amount of exposed area, coolant level and pressure/flow rate, etc. It’s a very detailed system–far beyond, “the system is on so cool this much each second”.

Again, I’ve left out a LOT of details here as it would take MUCH longer than a few minutes to type up (and I don’t want to give everything away either :) ). I’ll say for now that the amount of control you have over these systems, especially during failure situations, should be very gratifying, I think.

Anyway, by the end of the weekend I should be able to get power to the ship and keep the active systems sufficiently cooled. Once that’s done plugging in additional systems should be straight forward…

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