DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 4/29/13

Well, I figured a good way to start off a new week was with a new video:

It’s not an extravagant affair by any means. The video begins with a few simple examples from an overhead view so you can get a basic idea of how things work. From there I move to an ingame view from within the old Orbital Station hangar. We find ourselves in a high orbit around one of three moons around the third planet in a randomly generated solar system.

The most important thing to note is that all the parameters of the simulation–mass, distance, velocities, etc–are all to scale. Nothing is slowed down, tabled, pre-calculated, or hard-coded. Well, not quite–the initial orbital velocities are pre-calculated to get things moving. After that the simulation takes over. Oh, by the way, in case you were wondering, this is currently a two-body system. The station is being affected by the two largest, closest singularities (in this case the moon and the planet). Again, I hope for a three-body system, but two is working very well right now.

In any case, I hope you like the vid…

And now for something COMPLETELY different… Changing gears, I spent the majority of the weekend coming up with an initial design for the first flyable fighter. It’s not far enough along yet to show, but I hope to have something for you all to look at within a week or so. To come up with a design that is functionally possible while maintaining some sense of style, it’s certainly taken a very unique direction. One thing you’ll immediately notice–no wings. There’s nothing “atmospheric” about it. You can definitely tell it’s meant to fly in space.

I’ve also taken FULL advantage of the canopy monitor system to give you a large field of view. With TrackIR this should provide a great in-cockpit experience. And, I THINK it will be even better with Oculus Rift (still waiting for my dev kit to arrive). Finally, I made sure I made the ship large enough so that I could implement a few unique gameplay features. Sorry, these absolutely stay hush-hush for now. Unless I’ve missed something though, you’ve NEVER seen anything like this before, and I don’t think anyone has suggested anything like this for upcoming titles (and I’d like to keep it that way).

So, again, I hope you all enjoy the video. Hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to make a good report about the beginning implementation of the new electrical system…

Oh, just in passing, although WAY more robust I figure I’m now about 60% more efficient in handling solar system updating (not only due to the new orbital system, but with the new data management, too). I’d say that was time well spent :)

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