DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 4/22/13

Hi all,

It was a very well-spent weekend. The new orbital mechanics system is fully integrated for celestial objects. All that’s left to do now is tie it to space craft and other “man-made” objects. This SHOULD be a trivial matter now that I know what to look for.

At first the system did NOT want to work in RogSys, although it worked fine in my test program. Turns out all that old prototype data was blowing up the simulations. Once I ripped all that out and put in proper data it worked like a charm. It’s actually very cool to see all these moons getting dragged along by their primaries and knowing that none of it is faked or pre-calced at all (other than the starting velocity to get the satellites moving).

What’s amazing really is that this more detailed implementation is actually WAY more efficient than the tabled, pre-calculated model I was originally using.

So, the next step is to apply this to ships, starting with the player’s Orbital Station (for now I’ll continue to use the prototype art while the new one is being designed). I should have this working tonight; and again, I expect that this new system will allow me to really streamline the prototype code for handling stations in orbit. The key will be in finding the nearest relevant singularities to each ship. The faster that can be done the more efficient the system will be.

In other news, Joseph Pearson–the newest addition to the RogSys pre-Alpha “team” (welcome)–has been making great progress on the procedural generation system. He can generate several thousand asteroids (for belts and rings) and render them VERY efficiently, constantly increasing the level of detail as you get closer. Likewise, he’s made great progress on procedural planets–an added bonus to this system.

Let’s see, what else… Oh, on a personal note, I’m quite excited that Angel, my wife, and I made our family vacation plans for this summer. For the second year in a row we’re heading off to the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO.


Horseback riding, mountain climbing, rafting, etc–if you like the outdoors at ALL and you’re in the States it’s a great place to visit. Come on, August… :)

Finally, there was a lot of hardship last week around the world–China, Mexico, Boston, and more. Just wanted to take a moment to send a thought out to those affected…

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