DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 4/15/13

Wow! The 15th already…

Well, the first thing you might have noticed is the website update…

What I’ve decided to do is hold off on the contribution system until I have the first public pre-Alpha test version ready for people to download immediately. So, with this new update to the RogSys portion of the website you can see exactly what needs to be accomplished for this test version to be ready, and track its progress. As you can see, there’s a lot of elements already started. My goal is to have the first public pre-Alpha ready towards the middle to end of the summer–sooner if possible.

There’s some items on the list that might seem a bit unnecessary, but that’s not really the case. Now that the prototype phase is over it’s time to start working towards final implementations and assets. There’s absolutely no reason to have people test prototype elements that will most-likely be thrown out anyway.

I know many of you would like to help out now, and I appreciate it very much. Overall though, I think waiting until the first test version is ready is the best way to go. In the meantime I wanted you all to be able to see progress, even on things that can’t be shown via typical media.

The fundamental code revision has gone really well. Information handling and sharing is much more streamlined now, and is much better prepared to handle upcoming additions. What I’m working on currently is getting other systems to make use of these new data structures. Again, not hard, just tedious.

Another thing I started looking at this past weekend was orbital mechanics and gravitational influences. Once the revision is complete I could even, in theory, allow ships to attract each other (regardless of how negligible the gravitation pulls would be). Now, obviously there’s a limit to how many things I can have attracting each other while maintaining proper frame rates; but it does open up some interesting gameplay possibilities…

Otherwise, my time has been spent continuing the final designs for the ship systems. Along with the electrical system I now have both the Secondary Power Unit and Main Engine functionality almost fully designed. Up next are the Flight Control and Thrust Control systems.

And that’s about it for now–have to get my day started and get to work. Hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll have some new info concerning sound/music, perhaps another revision of the Orbital Station design, and procedural asteroid generation (which is progressing well).

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