DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 4/8/13

Happy Monday :)

Well, I have MOST of the revision work finished up. I didn’t quite as much time this weekend as I hoped I would–family stuff, etc. The changes I’ve finished though, a couple bugs not withstanding, are a noticeable improvement. I hope to have the rest of this finished up by tomorrow night.

I now have the final Electrical System, and all of the sub-components that it’s comprised of, sorted out. Without going into too much detail, there are a LOT of ways to not only lose power, but to also re-route it to keep the ship going. This will be the first system I revise–makes sense as everything else depends on it to function.

A bit of “out of the blue” news: I was chatting with a programmer (I’ll hold on his name for now) about the dynamically-generated asteroids, etc. that are needed. Turns out he already had a system working that he quickly ported over to Nuclear Fusion as a test. After a few refinements it seems to be running very well. He’s agreed to continue to develop it to aid in RogSys’ development. The immediate good news is that when I get to focus on celestial elements such as asteroids and planetary belts this code should be ready to go. The even better news is that large asteroid/barren moon landings should be no problem for the Maverick Module, and further down the road this system will allow for planetary descents, too.

Otherwise, it’s a typical Monday. Just sitting here trying to get organized for the upcoming week, make up my to-do list, etc. I need to get out for a run today, too. Only ran once last week (usually try to run three times a week) and I’m feeling it. Always a bit run-down if I don’t get out enough… :)

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