DCIRogue System
Apr 29, 2013Dev Entry 4/29/13

Well, I figured a good way to start off a new week was with a new video: It’s not an extravagant affair by any means. The video begins with a few simple examples from an overhead view so you can get a basic idea of how things work. From there I move to an ingame […]

Apr 25, 2013Dev Entry 4/25/13

Okay, so you may have noticed one item on the public pre-Alpha to-do list has turned green. I now have ships using the new orbital mechanics system as well as celestial objects. This is what was required for this stage of development, so I can check it off the list. In the prototype, it was […]

Apr 22, 2013Dev Entry 4/22/13

Hi all, It was a very well-spent weekend. The new orbital mechanics system is fully integrated for celestial objects. All that’s left to do now is tie it to space craft and other “man-made” objects. This SHOULD be a trivial matter now that I know what to look for. At first the system did NOT […]

Apr 17, 2013Dev Entry 4/17/13

Hi all, A VERY good day today code-wise. I’ve spent the last couple of evenings working on orbital mechanics and just got the new system working tonight. I basically completely gutted the prototype system and rebuilt it. For the prototype, many things were hard-coded and placeholder and ALL of that is now gone. The new […]

Apr 15, 2013Dev Entry 4/15/13

Wow! The 15th already… Well, the first thing you might have noticed is the website update… What I’ve decided to do is hold off on the contribution system until I have the first public pre-Alpha test version ready for people to download immediately. So, with this new update to the RogSys portion of the website […]

Apr 8, 2013Dev Entry 4/8/13

Happy Monday :) Well, I have MOST of the revision work finished up. I didn’t quite as much time this weekend as I hoped I would–family stuff, etc. The changes I’ve finished though, a couple bugs not withstanding, are a noticeable improvement. I hope to have the rest of this finished up by tomorrow night. […]

Apr 5, 2013Dev Entry 4/5/13

At the beginning of the week I decided that, before I got started on the ship system refinement, it might be a good time to do a code review–to give everything a good long look. It turns out that I found a few items that could be more efficiently handled. However, a couple of them […]

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