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Dev Entry 3/30/13

What a crazy time the Kickstarter was. From the moment I clicked the button to launch it until the time expired it was non-stop stress. It was just incredibly difficult for one person to keep up with. However, despite the missed pledge goal I was very proud of the effort.

I personally responded to each and every question that was asked. I didn’t promise things I knew I couldn’t deliver. I was honest about the financial goal. Most importantly, I didn’t try to sell RogSys as something it wasn’t just to get more people to pledge. I’m very happy about all of this–it was an honest effort.

It’s funny. I still get the odd message saying that I should go back to Kickstarter and shoot for a smaller amount so that it can succeed. What’s the point of that though? If I go for a lesser amount then I won’t be able to deliver the promised sim. I really DO know how much work is involved in creating something like this, and how much to schedule to any one person, AND how much professionals “cost”. Just because I don’t have a “famous” last name doesn’t mean the expenses are ANY different.

No, that wouldn’t benefit anybody. All I’d end up doing is letting down the people that backed me. I’ll do this the right way. I’m not going to lie to people just to get partially funded.

The exposure for Rogue System alone was worth the effort. It may not seem evident now, but this will be VERY helpful in the future.

So, I took a week off to recover from that whole experience (when it was over I realized I was VERY tired). As you’ve probably seen, I spent the week reworking the website. It’s not going to win “best website of the year” or anything. What I really wanted was something I could easily maintain and update for the near future. I decided to do this because I was kind of caught out when the Kickstarter began. I had someone helping me with the website who sort of vanished, making updates VERY difficult. The website wasn’t really responding to the ebb and flow of the Kickstarter as it should have. I don’t want to get caught in that situation again.

Later, when we get closer to Alpha and presentation becomes more important I’ll have a proper web designer give it the glitz…

Now that all this stuff is behind me it’s time to get back to actual development. I’m looking forward to diving back in. The first step is to take a LONG look at the prototype core ship systems–look at what works and what doesn’t work so well–and begin to code the first pass of their “final” design. This shouldn’t take too long as this is really more of a refinement stage, rather than an initial implementation. Once this is done we can make a proper design pass on the controls (both on the EFD as well as on the hard panels).

So, funded or not it’s time to get back to work and give this thing a boot in the ass…


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