DCIRogue System
Dec 22, 2013Dev Entry 12/22/13

Hi everyone, It’s been a looong week. A lot of low-level coding was done, particularly as to the how objects are loaded and stored for later use. What mainly prompted this was when I tried to get the art for the main engine component to load. That actually worked fine, but it was way too […]

Dec 16, 2013Dev Entry 12/16/13

Hi everyone. Well, first, this is going to be an info-only update. I’m in the middle of a task right now that needs some debugging before the sim will run again. Once I have it running, I’ll grab a shot or two of some of the latest stuff. Also, I’m feeling better today, thankfully. I […]

Hi all I guess we should start with the news you might have been waiting for–the new video is ready: There are some notes in the description basically saying that there are missing elements to the main ship interior, the cockpit is dark because there’s no lighting in there yet, the old hangar is too […]

Pfft–what an end to the week :S I ended up having to do a big rewrite on the camera management system, which I kind of expected; but it turned into more of a PITA than I’d hoped. The prototype could only manage a couple stations where the player could sit down at. After looking at […]

Nov 27, 2013Dev Entry 11/27/13

A day early, but as I won’t be on tomorrow… Just a couple quick grabs looking fore, then aft, from the entry platform. Glow is a bit heavy at the moment, and not all of the panels and covers are in place, but you get the idea. Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate tomorrow :)

Nov 24, 2013Dev Entry 11/24/13

Well, it’s only 11PM, so I’m technically NOT late with this week’s post Lot’s of good stuff accomplished this week, some of it I won’t talk about right now because it could give away some cool gameplay elements that I don’t want to spill just yet. I did get the Core Systems Manager revised and […]

Nov 17, 2013Dev Entry 11/17/13

Wow–what a week… Monday I had to rush the Great Dane/Brittany to the Vet’s office due to a sudden, severe case of Colitis. There was blood everywhere–wasn’t pretty. The Vet has got him on both anti and pro-biotics and he’s improved a great deal. We’re really not sure what set it off. He’s always had […]

Nov 10, 2013Dev Entry 11/10/13

Well, that wasn’t such a bad first week. The workload I had planned out was completed, and then some. One week may not seem like a big deal, but you can imagine it wouldn’t bode well if I started slipping already As it is, we’re right on schedule. So, what got done? Well, the major […]

Hi all, Well, it’s “official” now, as you may have seen. Rogue System now has a dedicated publisher, and I now have the time and resources to do this thing properly It’s a crazy, exciting time. I’m also pretty anxious–the pressure is on to really make Rogue System not only because I WANT to make […]

League City, TX – 11/05/2013 – Digits Crossed Interactive (DCI) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a publishing agreement with Image Space Incorporated (ISI) to bring Rogue System–a new Space Combat Simulator that blends the classic space combat gameplay of the 90’s with the detail and fidelity of a modern “hardcore” flight […]

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