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Founded in 1992, Image Space Incorporated (ISI) is a well respected software developer specializing in the fields of computer game development, “man-in-the-loop” simulator architectures, computer image generation, and entertainment systems integration.

ISI has a well established, and highly skilled development team, with both artists and programmers dedicated to the design and development of cost-effective, high quality software and computer products.

With experience in the latest hardware and software systems, ISI offers rapid time-to-market and real-time performance for a variety of gaming and simulation applications. A creative flair, robust technology, and in-depth knowledge of the gaming and simulation industries gives ISI the technical and creative edge required in today’s highly competitive market.

Senior Staff

Gjon Camaj

Gjon Camaj is a co-founder of Image Space Incorporated, and manages the day to day operations of the company.

Mr. Camaj is skilled in computer simulation and graphics. He specializes in the design and development of entertainment software.

His experience includes the design and development of real-time embedded avionics software, Instructor/Operator stations for aircraft simulators, and visual data bases for driving simulators.

He has an advanced object-oriented programming background, and has used a wide variety of hardware platforms. He has written a number of papers on these subjects.

Gjon Camaj earned his engineering bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree from Wayne State University.

Joe Campana

Joseph Campana is a co-founder of Image Space Incorporated, and supervises the software and technology development.

Mr. Campana specializes in real-time image generation and multi-CPU communications.

Past work experience includes the design and development of modular avionics test software, 3-D image generation software, dissimilar operating systems integration, training system control executives, and man-in-the-loop simulators. He was the leader of the military TT150Project for FAAC, Inc.

Joseph Campana earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Michigan State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Dayton.

isiMotor Software Engine Licensing

Our engine is used by studios seeking to save both time and money when developing vehicle simulations, and many racing simulation studios or products simply would not have existed without the cost-effective solutions and support we were able to offer them.

Titles like GTR - FIA GT Racing Game, rFactor, GT Legends, Need for Speed SHIFT, RACE 07, Automobilista and Project Cars all were developed by studios who began their journey and developments with isiMotor.

SIMBIN Development Team EA Sports 2pez Sector3 Slightly Mad Studios Reiza Studios Ignite GT Virgin Interactive The Sim Factory

Whether you are looking to produce an arcade-style racing title or unforgivingly realistic simulation, it will always be faster and cleaner to start from an established virtual physics base, trusted by professional racing teams and drivers all-around the world.

We offer licensing of the executable, selective modules, and the entire C++ Source Code under negotiable flat-fee and/or royalty terms.

If you would like more information about availability and costs, please email partner@imagespaceinc.com.


"We wouldn’t have a studio today if it weren't for ISI technology. As a startup with a limited budget and staff, ISI technology saved us many years of development time and many millions in getting our first games out the door."

- Ian Bell, CEO Slightly Mad Studios (NFS SHIFT, Project Cars)
GT Comp
"No other racing simulator can deliver what rFactor can. There's no doubt for us that ISI simulators offer the best solutions for a race centre, and is one of the main reasons for our success. We couldn't be happier with the simulation quality and the customization options.

It allows anyone to feel the sensations of being a racing driver - without the risks - although we have real drivers visiting our race centres and using rFactor to help them prepare for their races in an affordable way, too!"

- Tiago Pereira, Founder GT Competizione (Sim Center)
"Reiza Studios was literally born out of ISI and its technology - the potential within isiMotor was not only the baseline that fast-tracked Reiza and several others into creating their own standalone products, it has been the platform over which many devs like myself and others at Reiza evolved from hobbysts into professional developers. As such ISI has a firm stake as the most influential company in sim racing history, and their flexible and friendly approach to business has always made them great partners to work with."

- Renato Simioni, Owner Reiza Studios (Automobilista)
"rFactor is the simulation platform used by Simworx for all of our PC based simulators. Chosen for its quality and flexibility, it allows us to customize the software for various requirements.

rFactor interfaces pro-actively with our simulators, allowing us to utilise different software plug-ins that bring the best out of all of the features built in to the SX02 GT Challenge and F-1 Car Simulators."

- Luke Klaver, Simworx (Hardware Manufacturer)
Base Performance Simulators
"Using rFactor gives Base Performance Simulations the adaptability and usability that we need to work with our wide range of clients. From race-winning GP2 teams and FIA World Endurance Champions, across to junior drivers at the start of their career and historic racing enthusiasts, we use rFactor as our platform to provide great service.

We also supply organisations throughout the world with our simulators utilising rFactor because it is so reliable, so our customers can get the most out of their simulators, whatever the time zone."

- Ella Barrington, Base Performance (Race Driver Training)

Commercial Licensing

Our software is used worldwide in hundreds of locations large and small; Sim centres, shopping malls, arcades, cruise ships, driver training facilities and more, rely on our open platform and powerful APIs to cater to the needs of their clients.

Whether you want to attract a crowd to your stand at a trade show, or setup a permanent business charging for simulator access, our rFactor product line is right for you.

We offer licensing under flexible terms that will allow both established companies to switch to us, and for startups to get their business up and running. Personalization and specialist development support is available, including car and track production.

If you would like more information about availability and costs, please email partner@imagespaceinc.com.


Our first retail product success came with Zone Raiders (1995) and then Sportscar GT (1999). We then developed for EA Sports on their Formula One and NASCAR titles between 2000 and 2004.

NASCAR Thunder 2004 F1 Challenge 99-02 NASCAR Thunder 2003 F1 2002 F1 2001 F1 CS 2000 F1 2000 Sportscar GT Zone Raiders

We have also published a number of software titles, including Digits Crossed Interactive's Rogue System and our own indie rFactor racing simulation titles. Our most recent in-house retail release was rFactor 2, the sequel to rFactor (2005), which now continues development under Studio 397 BV.

rFactor 2 Rogue System rFactor


All general inquiries to: info@imagespaceinc.com.

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