Founded in 1992 and located in downtown Ann Arbor, Image Space Incorporated (ISI) is a well respected software developer, specializing in the fields of computer game development, "man-in-the-loop" simulator architectures, computer image generation, and entertainment systems integration. Working with a highly-skilled worldwide team, ISI products have earned multiple awards from specialty press and internet publications.

Released to testing group in 2012, wider in 2013.
Published by Image Space Incorporated.

rFactor 2™ is a racing simulation featuring the latest graphics technology, excellent multiplayer, accurate vehicle dynamics with a state-of-the-art tire model, and support for a wide variety of racing formats and 3rd party mods.

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Released in 2005.
Published by Image Space Incorporated.

The first installment in the rFactor series features mixed class road racing with ultra realistic dynamics, an immersive sound environment and stunning graphics.

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